Achievements in 30 Years


  • 1990

    IWUF founded on October 3rd

  • 1991

    1st World Wushu Championships held in Beijing, China

  • 1994

    Accepted as a member of the GAISF
    (SportAccord) during its 28th congress

  • 2001

    IWUF signs WADA agreement

  • 2002

    IOC officially recognizes the IWUF during its 113th session

    1st Sanda World Cup held in Shanghai, China

  • 2004

    1st World Kungfu Championships held in Zhengzhou, China

  • 2006

    1st World Junior Wushu Championships held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • 2008

    Beijing 2008 Wushu Tournament held in conjunction with the 2008 Summer Olympic Games

  • 2011

    Wushu shortlisted for inclusion in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

  • 2012

    IWUF headquarters are established in Lausanne, Switzerland

  • 2014

    Nanjing 2014 Youth Wushu Tournament held in conjunction with the 2014 Youth Olympic Games

    The 1st World Taijiquan Championships are held in Chengdu, China

  • 2015

    Wushu shortlisted as an Additional Sport for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

    IWUF signs cooperation convention with FISU

  • 2016

    1st Taolu World Cup held in Fuzhou, China

  • 2017

    Wushu’s inaugural inclusion in the 2017 Summer Universiade program in Chinese Taipei

  • 2018

    Wushu’s debut in the World University Wushu Championship held in Macau, China

    Wushu’s debut in African Youth Games held in Algiers, Algeria

    Wushu’s inaugural inclusion in Asia Pacific Masters Games held in Penang, Malaysia

    Celebration of 1st World Wushu-Kungfu Day

  • 2020

    Wushu’s inclusion as an official sport in the Dakar 4th Youth Olympic Games Sports Programme.

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